The simple things

The simple things

These simple and powerful phrases are awesome and stole my attention.  Helpful words of inspiration appear when needed!
Strive for what comes from your heart. Questioning your path at times. Trusting your intuition, your soul will never mislead you. Lately my life has been filled with changes and overwhelm. I sometimes wonder what the heck I am doing ?!. My mind is racing in so many different directions. Why do I spread my self so thin ? …ok sob story !
Gratitude always puts me in my place. Remembering and trusting my heart & soul and knowing my path in this life is intentional – to love ,inspire , and create .
I want to share a journaling and freedom technique I learned recently in my school. A process called ” the artists way” By Julia Cameron . It’s a creative tool for life ” morning pages”
A daily practice, 3 pages of longhand , stream of consciousness writing first thing on the morning . Provoking clarity,comfort,and synchronicity for each day at hand. You will be pleasantly surprised at what this practice will magically draw from your soul. Please check out her on

Aloha and have a beautiful day

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