Welcome to the Ohana

This is Sport, he is the newest member of our Ohana. He came to us when he was 4 months old with ears he still hasn’t grown into. Sporty has met Mina and Pepper, our dozens of chickens, Kolohe (our sweet kitty), Zorro (the neighbor dog), but he is most smitten with Leilani (his favorite Golden Retriever). He will howl at the sirens, whine when he’s excited, and smile at everyone who comes through the door. We’re observing, laughing, and learning from this little creature everyday. 
I’ve made a commitment to myself and to the dogs – every morning, go for a walk. Sport has come to LOVE the beach, so that’s where we’ve been starting each day (I can’t complain). The sun peaks over the mountain and the first day’s rays touch my skin. Feeling the warmth caress each cell in my body, mother nature holds me while my worries melt away. I feel grounded and centered. Each sandy step clears my mind, each wag of a tail and smile from a neighbor makes it harder to leave the beach. We are so blessed.
Beach Girl Jewels has been kicked into high gear. It has become imperative for me to start my day fresh and relaxed. Productivity is at it’s peak when my brain is clean and clear. Usually after my beach walks, I sit down and make a list. Or two. Or three… My office is filled with sticky notes. To an outsider, the shop looks like a tornado has blown through. Several packages of sticky notes are plastered to the wall. Over the years, I’ve learned this is how I function best. And so be it.. Pink, yellow, green, and orange sticky notes. At least the colors brighten up the room 🙂
We are already starting to say goodbye to May, knowing these next couple weeks will fly by. June will be welcomed with excitement towards our new set of goals. Aloha!

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