Say Hello

An acoustic guitar and raspy voice echo the room. The trade winds scoot over my exposed skin while a palm tree rustles in the background. Centered in my body and focused on my breathing, I sink deeper into the background of my mind.
Donation yoga classes are held at Sunset Beach Rec Center (Paumalu Yoga), the Waialua Co-op, and at Turtle Bay they are $15 a class. The classes are filled with beautiful souls that whisper silent, healing vibrations throughout the room. I always walk away from the classes feeling connected with the earth. The moon and the stars are bright from the sun. The crickets hum their soothing rhythm, thinking they might go to sleep soon too.
Once the sun rises, the birds start to sing. Their songs are amplified by the morning stillness. The mornings are getting earlier and the nights are longer too. Summer season gives the islands about three extra hours of daylight. We’ve been putting the extra hours to good use. We will tell the sun to show up on time for you tomorrow, don’t forget to say hello.

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