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Iconic Eddie Aikau Draws Crowds

This morning, we found out the big news of the North Shore – THE EDDIE IS RUNNING (hopefully)!! Waimea Bay is expecting 30,000+ people. Some have driven up early and set up camp. Already, cars are parked on the side of the road. The lookout over Waimea Bay is filled with pop up tents and huge cameras. The news is out here, already broadcasting and interviewing people. The surfers are flying in since the swell is supposed to pick up over night. Big wave riders are a different breed – accepting and flirting with death on every wave. It does make for a good show and tomorrow’s competition is something that only happens a couple times a decade. We are prepared to not drive anywhere, knowing the effort and irritation will outweigh the result. Biking, on the other hand, will be our mode of transportation tomorrow. It’s about two miles down to Waimea, the perfect cruise bike ride. We’re hoping the competition will run. The waiting period is until February 29th. We’re praying for big surf to come through to give the surfers and spectators the time of their lives.


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