Growing our Garden

The kids are riding their bikes to school and the surf is picking up. September is a month of transition. The hurricanes came and went with whispers of thunder and gallons of rain. Our dirt road drive way has canyons that were carved by the flow of runoff water. The grass and plants have never been so green!! Rain makes all things thrive. We thank the clouds for the constant blessing of life.
We are beginning to plant our garden! We are preparing the soil for our new plants. The soil has been turned and leveled, and all the rocks have been removed from the patch. We bought organic starts from North Shore Organic Gardening and Lokahi Nursery in Waialua. We picked up fresh herbs and some kale and swiss chard. We have been waiting for the rain to stop before we plant the starters, so they are sitting on our lanai until then. The green onions have already grown so tall! They need to get into the ground soon. Along with the starts, we will be starting other veggies and squashes by seed. We’ve saved our egg cartons and are filling each with soil and a few seeds. Once the seeds start to sprout up, they will be planted into our garden in the front yard. Maybe we’ll get a tiny pumpkin by Halloween!!
Beach Girl Jewels has been visualizing our organic garden thriving. We are excited to go out to the garden to pick veggies for salads, herbs for cooking, and watch the green beans climb up a string. The tomatoes will be beautifully red, plump and juicy. The crunchy cucumbers and perfect peppers will be so delicious even the teenage boys will want them. There’s cilantro to dress our tacos and mint to add to our fresh juices. The rosemary will be perfect to bake on chicken or to just enjoy the calming smell. This food, planted and grown with love, will nourish our bodies and ease our minds. Our organic garden will remind us of the importance of where we get our food, how it is grown, and how long it takes to get to our table and into our bellies.

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