The simple things

These simple and powerful phrases are awesome and stole my attention.  Helpful words of inspiration appear when needed!
Strive for what comes from your heart. Questioning your path at times. Trusting your intuition, your soul will never mislead you. Lately my life has been filled with changes and overwhelm. I sometimes wonder what the heck I am doing ?!. My mind is racing in so many different directions. Why do I spread my self so thin ? …ok sob story !
Gratitude always puts me in my place. Remembering and trusting my heart & soul and knowing my path in this life is intentional – to love ,inspire , and create .
I want to share a journaling and freedom technique I learned recently in my school. A process called ” the artists way” By Julia Cameron . It’s a creative tool for life ” morning pages”
A daily practice, 3 pages of longhand , stream of consciousness writing first thing on the morning . Provoking clarity,comfort,and synchronicity for each day at hand. You will be pleasantly surprised at what this practice will magically draw from your soul. Please check out her on

Aloha and have a beautiful day


We Love Tahitian Pearls !
Overwhelmed by their beauty
each time I open my collection of exquisite sea gems. After Ooh-ing and Aah-ing (though I’ve seen them numerous times this week) hahah ! I pick and choose which unique pearl will be used in our various designs. Whether you are looking for that new bangle to add to your stack or one of new necklaces draped with Tahitians and faceted shimmering Druzy crystal or labradorite gemstones. Each piece carries its own character. Here’s a little info on these treasures: Tahitian pearls are farmed in the dreamy blue lagoons of French Polynesia. They are cultured in black lip oysters once the oyster has reached their 2 year maturity. The colors that come out are mind blowing . Black,silvery blue,peacock greens and purple You are sure to fall in love with more than one !

Aloha and have a beautiful day
Andrea Quitoriano Fix
Beach Girl Jewels

Iconic Eddie Aikau Draws Huge Crowds

This morning, we found out the big news of the North Shore – THE EDDIE IS RUNNING (hopefully)!! Waimea Bay is expecting 30,000+ people. Some have driven up early and set up camp. Already, cars are parked on the side of the road. The lookout over Waimea Bay is filled with pop up tents and huge cameras. Continue reading →

Don't Leave Home without IT!

We’re always searching for new interviews, podcasts, or books to listen to. I have Audible which is so wonderful. For $15/month, I get one book for free every month, and can buy any other book – the audio version. So while we’re working, we can be learning too! This app is great and has allowed me to get through a stack of books that I don’t have time to read. We also stumbled upon Tim Ferriss. His website has a ton of free podcasts to listen to. The interviews feature celebrities, entrepreneurs and friends. His shows are funny, super interesting and easy to listen to. His podcasts cover just about everything, from gut bacteria to meditation. If you’re in the market for new material to listen to – I hope this helps!
On a lighter note –
There were a pack of ten goats in the yard today. Sometimes they escape and jump over our fence from the neighbors farm (at least the pigs don’t come over). Sport let the goats know that they didn’t belong in our yard, but they didn’t listen to his barking and whining. They just continued to walk through the bushes and we watched their jaw move in a circle while they chewed on the cane grass. They are so dang cute.
We enclosed the backyard completely so Sporty wouldn’t escape. For a while, everyday he would wander off and try to find Magic (the neighbor dog who happens to be a 12 year old Great Dane who still goes into heat). We’d hear stories of Sport crossing the highway and going to the beach. We’d find him up at Magic’s house after taking our eyes off him for 10 seconds. He was so sneaky and just couldn’t stop looking for Magic. So we built a fence to make sure he couldn’t run away anymore. Sport of course found a new hole in the fence we built. Our neighbor kindly brought him back and we gave him some scoldings.
But only a few minutes later, he’s down in the office again waiting for us to play ball with him. Our love for this little creature grows deeper everyday. Our little man.