Andrea Quitoriano Fix

Andrea Quitoriano Fix has been creating jewelry for over 20 years. Her passion for adornments began with her first job at a southern California bead store where she was surrounded by endless colors, textures and creative possibilities. It was here she received her mentoring in gem identification, metal smithing, and running a jewelry business.

Andrea followed her passion for art and creativity and left for college, where she explored many alternate mediums of expression. She was drawn to printmaking and silk painting, which she still creates with today. But during this time, she was called back to her love of jewelry when she was given the opportunity to work on a project restoring ancient Incan artifact jewelry for museums and international collectors. Working with these detailed pieces of gold, tiny emerald beads, quartz and carnelian, Andrea was moved by the labor of love and the spiritual representations she found there. The work called to some ancient part of her and she knew creating her own inspired pieces would be her path.

Feeling a strong pull towards her Hawaiian roots and her extended family there, Andrea moved to the Islands in 1995. This sea change deepened her connection to her spirit, her work and her unique style. She loves that the Islands always offer her a tranquil spot to dream, reflect and create. She established Beach Girl Jewels in 2002 and she can be found creating custom work at her beach shack home studio, or on the beach with her husband, kids, dogs and cats.