A New Year on the North Shore…

We welcome yet another new year
As our minds are focused on the upcoming year, my eyes gaze back and my thoughts drift. They drift toward the most recent hectic holiday season, toward the speed of the quickly passing year, and simultaneously, toward all that has happened and changed within 12 months.

One thing that has drastically changed for my family and I is our health. For years, I have chosen to make it a lifestyle. It was not a new years resolution. It was not a diet that we went on for a month. It was a need for healing and a desire to feel better. Searching for preventative actions and alternative healing, we realized that food is our medicine. We know that our bodies will mirror what we eat, so we’ve always been conscious and aware of the food we are buying and eating. It seemed like our health just needed an extra boost – this is when we found cultured foods. I’ve been making cultured veggies for about a year and a half, and for some reason, was scared at the thought of making my own brew of kombucha and didn’t have time to keep up with my kefir grains. Turns out that kombucha is the easiest of them all! My fear was in the unknown. Now, I’ve made tons of batches and have done second ferments and have a continuous brew ready for my family to drink in the kitchen. I’ve given away extra scoby’s to my friends and taught them how to make it. I’ve tried with different sugar and different tea (we’ve found that coconut sugar makes it takes like vinegar and makes the scoby look weird – regular organic sugar works the best, and we like two bags of green tea and two bags of black tea for our brew). It’s been such a fun experiment in my kitchen the last few months, and our bodies are reaping the benefits – it cleans the liver and detoxes the heavy metals out of the body. Another mystery was how to make coconut kefir. As explained on some websites and books, needing raw coconut meat seems a little impossible (even when you live in Hawaii). Instead, we’ve learned canned coconut milk and Easy Kefir (powdered kefir grains) makes the most delicious addition to a smoothie, or to just eat plain (Our favorite website to buy Easy Kefir http://www.culturedfoodlife.com and this site also has a bunch of other info and directions). By putting a 1/4 cup of coconut kefir into a new batch of two cans of coconut milk, it will ferment by sitting on the counter for 8-10 hours. Talk about easy!! Both of these additions to our cultured veggies have made a huge difference in our health. It’s been fun to experiment, but also fun to watch our bodies fight off illness (like their designed to do) and not get sick. It’s cured my cravings and I can happily say I didn’t eat a single holiday treat! I was able to fully enjoy every part of my Christmas without a sugar hangover, and not be tempted by food and sugar. The cultured foods have trained the bacteria in my gut to not crave those foods, even when they’re sitting right in front of me. It is so freeing! I want everyone to be able to feel this way.
I’m so excited to be able to take these cultured foods along with me for the rest of my life. 2016 will be the healthiest year, happiest year, the year with the clearest, cleanest mind – pure foods produces pure thoughts. Happy New Year all!!

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