A Dip in the Woods






Yesterday, we went on a hike. We drove into town and got lost trying to find the trail head. Once we found the start, it was a beautiful rocky dirt trail that reminded me of the North West. It had a special rainforest feel and smell though. The trees were as tall as sky scrapers and were draped with walls of ivy that hung like curtains. We walked through the kind of mud that will take your shoes off. We tip toed on rocks like lily pads across streams and the roots on the trail tested our balance and reflexes as we ran over and on them. The tree tops were our umbrella and the sound of the rain falling on the plants and puddles around us produced a meditative soundtrack. We were racing the sun and ended up hiking out at dark, tripping and slipping on the muddy rocks and roots that weren’t seen. We had lots of laughter, the fulfilling kind. We came out with muddy shoes, and legs, and pants, and hands, but cleansed hearts and souls. There’s something pretty special about Mother Nature.

The islands of Hawaii go from the sea to the mountains. All within a few miles. The depths of the ocean to the depths of rainforests and jungle. It is a pleasure to immerse ourselves in both extremes and everything in-between. The diversity of the land keeps us active, healthy, and full of life.

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