25% off and a Quick Thank You!

I hope you are all having a great start to your holiday season!
We are as busy as ever here at Beach Girl Jewels and I want to thank all of our amazing customers for
your support over the years.  We are so grateful! I have worked hard for so many years by myself growing
my business. I want to introduce to you and thank my team, who are my friends and family. A small group of amazing people who help me make so much happen everyday!
Jaden Pang – one of my first of helping creative hands. She is sweet , artistic, and an amazing equestrian.
Amber Lyon – she is very creative, sweet and fast!
Jamie Byarlay – she is my right hand girl! Amazing is all I can say…talented, a perfectionist and a lovely soul. Not to mention self-disciplined Yogi.
Amber Wong – “Miss Aloha,” this girl can do anything! A multi talented beauty. So creative, baker ,teacher & body boarder extraordinaire.
Tellus Fix – thank you my sweet husband for building and fixing absolutely anything I want or need and your unwavering support.
And my boys – Noah and Oli. Always there to help me in a pinch 🙂
I love you all
<3 Andrea
I would like to offer free shipping and 25% off your order using code: smallbizsat25
This code will be valid through the weekend until Monday Dec 1st at midnight.
Happy Holidays!

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