This cat needs more than just one blog post. We rescued him as a kitten, he was bold and independent right from the start – saying hi to all the dogs without any fear or hesitation in his eyes. He started out by hiding in corners (like most cats do) and playing with feathers and mini tennis balls that jingled. Since then, he’s gotten crazier every day! Every morning I’m woken up by Sport and Moe wrestling each other to the ground at 5am. They are the earliest risers and have morning energy that I’m jealous of. Their battles continue until Sport takes his long afternoon nap. Moe then goes exploring. He’s been up, around, under, over, and in each crevice and empty box he sees. He’s covered every square inch of our one acre property. He tries to play with Pua (our parrot) and will bat his paws through Pua’s cage without knowing the strength of a parrot’s beak. Our little man is crazy. He is bizarre, kooky, nuts, wacky, and equally as entertaining and humorous. His playfulness and lighthearted spirit can put a smile on my face instantly.
Between the cats and dogs and family, it is never a boring day here. Today was particularly special, though. Pepper sneaks into the studio and sits in the corner hoping we wouldn’t notice her. Immediately, the most foul smell swarms into the room, following her like a dark cloud. The smell should have been visible. Sour fumes emanated off her crusted now brown fur. It was testing our stomachs and our lunch. She seemed satisfied with her choice to roll in THE smelliest pile of who knows what. Embarrassed of her stench, she followed me down to the outdoor shower with the doggy shampoo in hand. Pepper does this weekly, but this was by far the smelliest yet. This is her relaxing in the AC’d studio after her bath.
The animals make us laugh. They are so unpredictable and they find new ways to entertain us everyday. This isn’t the first post about the furry family, and it won’t be the last.


Moe Moe Kitty, Oscar, Mogley – some of the many names we’ve given to the cutest fur ball around. Beach Girl Jewels has turned into a little animal rescue. Not being able to pass up his pretty eyes, it was easy to adopt Moe into our furry family. He’s turned into the most playful kitten we’ve ever seen. Sport and Moe have become best friends. They tackle and wrestle each other, they explore and adventure together, they even sleep and snuggle with each other. Is anything cuter than these two? I wonder what animal we will adopt next!